4 Reasons Charging a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is Easier Than Fueling Up

With the latest gas line leak, the idea of being less reliant on fossil fuel is appealing to everyone. But what does that really look like in a modern automobile? Is it even possible? With Hyundai’s Sonata Plug-in Hybrid, it… Continue Reading →

There’s Little Reason Not to Buy the Hyundai Genesis

Ever since Hyundai first gained traction on American roadways, the South Korean manufacturer has showed off its versatility. From family-friendly crossover SUVs to sensible sedans to compact hatchbacks, Hyundai has shown time and again it can occupy multiple niches. The… Continue Reading →

3 Hyundais with Outstanding All Wheel Drive Systems

Many cars on the market have AWD, and it even comes standard on some SUVs out there. Just don’t be fooled into thinking all AWD systems are created equal. As part of Hyundai’s mission to “make it better,” the R&D… Continue Reading →

Hyundai’s 3 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Different consumers have different reasons for wanting to purchase a car that uses less gas. Some are concerned with climate change while others simply want to visit the gas pump less often. Hyundai recognizes the desire for better, more fuel… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Perfect Hyundai Model for You

Hyundai symbolizes continuous improvement. By constantly assessing the technology and features in their cars, the engineers and designers identify areas for innovation. They know how to make each new Hyundai safer, sleeker, and more fuel efficient. With such a wide… Continue Reading →

How Do I Get Hyundai Navigation in my New Car?

The Great Summer Road Trip – what could be better? Packing your car to capacity, loading up on snacks, and playing your favorite podcasts while you cruise the open road is almost a rite of passage. When you start your… Continue Reading →

The Hyundai Ioniq: Winning the Race Against Fuel Efficiency, Emissions

Instead of playing catchup to global requirements for emissions and fuel efficiency, Hyundai decided to race out ahead. The first of three Hyundai Ioniq vehicles is set to be released this fall in response to pressure from both the Environmental… Continue Reading →

Hyundai’s N Division Dominated on Playstation: Time for the Real World

Lovers of the fast lane don’t need to wait until 2017 or spend thousands of dollars to experience the thrill of the Hyundai N Division. Heck, you don’t even need a driver’s license. Hyundai gave us a preview of its… Continue Reading →

Exciting Hyundai N Division Models Coming to the US in 2017

Germany and South Korea may be thousands of miles apart, but they intersect at a place called “N.” The Hyundai N Performance Division is a department within the Korean auto manufacturer focused on the development of high-performance cars to rival… Continue Reading →

Why the Hyundai N Division Will Boost Your Car’s Performance

Since 1967, Hyundai Motor Company has been producing cars at a rate that has made it the largest automobile manufacturing plant in the world today. In 2013, Hyundai grew even bigger with the introduction of its N Division. The N… Continue Reading →

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