It seems like more and more people have their eyes on their phone rather than on the road when driving. We’ve all been guilty of it at some point, but we may not realize just how dangerous those few seconds of screen time are. Distracted driving is becoming an epidemic.


Simply put, distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. According to, “In 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.” In California it’s illegal to even look at your phone, and it seems as though more states will follow suit.

How Apple CarPlay is the Best Copilot for Your Hyundai

Our lives are on our phones, and it’s hard to cut the cord once you get in your car. The designers at Apple know this all too well, and created Apple CarPlay to help us keep our focus on the road and not on our screens.


Because of its many features, Apple CarPlay may just be the best copilot for your Hyundai you could ask for. Read on to learn more about its helpful features.


Voice Control

Every kid that grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation has wished they could verbally command a spaceship like Captain Picard. While Apple CarPlay can’t have your Hyundai make “tea, Earl Grey, hot,” it does allow you to keep your hands on the wheel. All Apple CarPlay apps have been designed for your automobile and work seamlessly with its voice control.


Calls & Messages

There it goes. That infamous “ding” letting you know you’ve received a text message. You know you shouldn’t reach for your phone, but you can’t resist reaching for it.


With Apple CarPlay, you won’t have to worry anymore. You’re good friend Siri is able to read all your messages to you and send your replies. If you decide the message needs a phone call in return rather than a quick text blurb, then Siri can take care of that, too.



Sometimes it’s hard to believe people were able to get around before Apple Maps was invented. Some even turn it on in their home towns, “just in case.” With Apple CarPlay you won’t have to worry about getting lost – the Maps app is easily accessible. Apple Maps has gotten even smarter and can guess where you’re going based on your texts, calendar, and emails. Also, you can find restaurants, gas, and parking with the Nearby feature.



What would an Apple product be if it didn’t give you access to your music? With its music app, you’ll be able to sing along to your favorite songs with CarPlay.


Whether you want access to your own music or your Apple Music membership, you’ll be able to play it all. Apps like Pandora and Spotify are also supported. Plus, your tunes will sound even better coming out of Hyundai’s Infinity speakers. While most speakers can’t play digital music files at their best quality, Infinity speakers are designed to highlight each note of a digital file.


It Keeps Getting Better

The list of Apple CarPlay apps is always growing. The choices range from apps such as Podcasts, Spotify, AudioBooks, Pandora, and NPR One. It’s easy to learn how to use Apple CarPlay, and it comes as second nature to anyone who is familiar with Apple products. This is the interface you prefer tailored to your car.


Most importantly, Apple CarPlay will keep your eyes where they’re meant to be – on the road. All you have to do is get in a new Hyundai, connect to Apple CarPlay, and start driving.