With summer around the corner, you’re probably looking forward to some time on Wilmington’s beaches, shopping downtown, and grabbing seafood by the river. You’ve spent plenty of time working out to get ready, but have you spent any time preparing your Hyundai?

New Hyundai Parts can help get your Hyundai ready to hit the shore when summer arrives, and the best place to get OEM parts near Wilmington is Parkway Hyundai.

Get Your Hyundai Ready for Summer with OEM Parts from Parkway Hyundai in Wilmington, NC

Whether you are working on the Santa Fe Sport, the Elantra, or the Sonata, always go with genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Hyundai parts. Generic parts don’t last because they’re not made for your unique vehicle.

Make sure to shop at a reputable Hyundai dealer, like Parkway Hyundai. Our parts center can help find any part you might need quickly. Once the part is ready, our service team can install it, all at our Wilmington dealership.

Here are a few of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when summer-proofing your Hyundai.


Nothing is more fun than taking a drive on the beach. You get to experience the fresh ocean breeze and feel the force of your vehicle as you drive over the bumps in the sand.

These bumps can also hurt your car if it doesn’t have good shocks and proper lift support. If you’re planning to do any beach driving, get your suspension checked, and consider upgrading to a better lift kit.  


Driving on the beach takes excellent traction in addition to good suspension. If the tread on your tires is a little worn, consider replacing them so you don’t wind up stuck in the sand.

Lowering the pressure of your tires to about 18-25 PSI can also increase traction.


When you’re driving around Wilmington, you’ll want to have responsive brakes to come to a sudden stop when you find the perfect opening on the beach, or a great riverside restaurant, like the Dock Street Oyster Bar. Get your pads and rotors checked for the summer at our Wilmington dealership.


With the warmer weather, you’re going to want to stay outside longer, and you’ll want bright headlights to light your way. Good lights can also help you light your next late-night party by the ocean (just be careful not to run your battery down).

Air Conditioner

One of the few flaws of living in the South in the summer is that the heat can get a little unbearable. Taking a dip in the ocean can help cool things down, but you still want to be comfortable while you’re driving. Making sure your AC system is working can make traveling to great Wilmington sites like Arlie Gardens or the Riverwalk.

Whether you’re looking to fix your Hyundai, upgrade a part, or get ready for summer, the best place to get OEM Hyundai parts is Parkway Hyundai. If you have any questions, contact us at (866) 979-6987. We’re a short drive from Jacksonville and Leland.