When it comes time to buy your next car for your daily drives around Wilmington, consider the Hyundai Accent. Here’s why.

The Accent is highly affordable and packed with features that driver’s love. Its compact size makes it efficient and maneuverable while technology keeps you entertained and connected.

Discover just some of the reasons that North Carolina drivers buy the Accent.

Why People Buy the Hyundai Accent

Fuel Efficient

Choosing the Hyundai Accent gives you an incredibly efficient vehicle that helps save money no matter where you go. With 37 MPG on the highway, you can take a road trip or just drive your morning commute without worrying about spending too much on gas or having to frequently stop to refuel.

Highly Maneuverable

Because of the Accent’s compact size, it is highly maneuverable, making it ideal for city driving. You’ll also enjoy a smaller turning radius, drive comfortably down narrow streets, and squeeze into the tightest of parking spots with ease.

Plenty of Power

Most compact vehicles with excellent fuel economy lack power, but not the Accent. It comes standard with 137 horsepower, over 30 horses more than some of the competitors.

Cargo Versatility

Whether choosing the sedan or hatchback, the Hyundai Accent delivers cargo versatility. However, the hatchback goes above and beyond with storage. You get 21.2 cubic feet for everything that you need, more than what comes on the competition like the Yaris or Fit. This is actually the best-in-class 5-door cargo space.

Affordable from the Start

As soon as you decide to buy the Hyundai Accent, you will be on your way to driving an affordable vehicle. The Accent starts at just $14,745, and the fuel economy helps you save money. Further savings come from America’s Best Warranty.

It’s no wonder that Hyundai has won the Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Awards, meaning the Accent will be among the most affordable vehicles on the market in the first five years.

Experience the Hyundai Accent on a Test Drive

Simply reading about the Hyundai Accent will only give you so much information. To get a better idea of this vehicle, visit Parkway Hyundai right here in Wilmington and take it on a test drive. This way, you’ll be able to experience its handling and maneuverability while enjoying its comfort and features.

Visit us today to take the Accent on a test drive, learn more about this compact car, or buy your sedan. Call today or stop by and one of our sales associates will get you started.