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Blog posts under this category cover some news story. It might be the unveiling of a concept car at an auto show or a series of reviews from leading automotive authorities who tout the advantages of owning a Hyundai. Whatever it may be, this blog post started out as newsworthy and was developed into something more.

Exciting Hyundai N Division Models Coming to the US in 2017

Germany and South Korea may be thousands of miles apart, but they intersect at a place called “N.” The Hyundai N Performance Division is a department within the Korean auto manufacturer focused on the development of high-performance cars to rival… Continue Reading →

Why the Hyundai N Division Will Boost Your Car’s Performance

Since 1967, Hyundai Motor Company has been producing cars at a rate that has made it the largest automobile manufacturing plant in the world today. In 2013, Hyundai grew even bigger with the introduction of its N Division. The N… Continue Reading →

Hyundai Inks a Deal with Cisco to Combine Cars and Internet Technology

If you think the days of self-driving cars are a distant thought, Hyundai is working hard to make you think again.  The brand’s philosophy drives it to stay ahead of the curve of automotive technology. That’s why Hyundai Motors announced… Continue Reading →

Introducing the Sporty Hyundai Veloster

Are you tired of not being able to find your car in the parking lot because it looks so similar to all the others? Are you sick of driving to work and seeing your vehicle pass you multiple times on… Continue Reading →

30th Anniversary: A Reason to Celebrate Hyundai Automotive Excellence

On their 30th anniversary, Hyundai has a lot of achievements to celebrate, starting with a consistent commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Receiving frequent awards for safety, durability and design, Hyundai has grown over 30 years from Hyundai Motor Co…. Continue Reading →

All the Trimmings of the New 2017 Hyundai Elantra

With the release of the 2017 Hyundai Elantra, we’re having to relearn how we approach one of our best-selling models. With the redesign, the Elantra gains new features that have been split between two new trim levels. We thought it… Continue Reading →

Let There Be Light: 3 Reasons to Be Excited for the Future of Genesis

Late last year, Hyundai announced it would be spinning off its premium offerings into a luxury sub-brand. Those offerings include the Genesis, the Genesis Coupe, and the outgoing Equus flagship model. The brand will be known as Genesis, flying forward… Continue Reading →

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