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Blog posts that fall under the Parkway Store category are news stories specific to Parkway Hyundai. Whether it’s the arrival of a new model, the addition of new rooms, remodeling of the dealership, or any other piece of information that would be relevant to customers and potential shoppers. It gives some insight as to the character of this dealership and the people who work here.

Five Things to Do with a Hyundai in Wilmington, NC This Summer

There‚Äôs perhaps no better place to spend your summer than a beach town and Wilmington, North Carolina, is a popular destination for weekend tourists and beachgoers alike. But Wilmington has so much more to offer besides the surf and the… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Perfect Hyundai Model for You

Hyundai symbolizes continuous improvement. By constantly assessing the technology and features in their cars, the engineers and designers identify areas for innovation. They know how to make each new Hyundai safer, sleeker, and more fuel efficient. With such a wide… Continue Reading →

What are the Benefits of Routine Oil Changes?

Though oil changes take time and can seem like an inconvenience, they provide immeasurable benefits for your car and wallet. Regular oil changes will improve performance of your engine, increase your gas mileage efficiency, lengthen the life of your car… Continue Reading →

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