Buying a car, whether new or used, is a big investment. That’s why it’s nice to know that your new asset will receive proper care during maintenance and repairs. In the case of repairs, you also have the advantage of a new car warranty.

A car warranty is “a promise by a manufacturer or dealer that it will repair or replace defects in your car, or that your car will be of a certain quality, for a specified period of time.” This means the most expensive repairs, such as motor problems, head gasket replacement, or air conditioning compressor maintenance, are taken care of.

While covering expensive repairs is enough of a reason to demonstrate the importance of car warranties, there are other benefits that make them worth it.

Five Reasons Car Warranties Are Important

  1. Peace of Mind

When you buy a new car, you’re particularly careful to not even let a light wind blow dust on it. You’re proud of your purchase, as you should be, and you want to take care of it. So, imagining something even worse than a little grime getting on your new paint job is horrifying. While a warranty can’t prevent  something bad happening to your new purchase, it can make the process of dealing with the problem a lot easier.

  1. No Unexpected Expenses

Life is tough enough without unexpected expenses popping up. And shelling out even more money on an item you just financed is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. However, with a warranty, you can put worries like this behind you. Many repairs are completely covered by your monthly warranty payment, which is considerably less than what you would have paid without the warranty.

  1. You Know Your Mechanic

Rather than having to book the first available appointment at a random shop, you’ll be able to get your car serviced right where you purchased it! While you may never have the opportunity to personally interact with the technicians who take care of your car, you do know they are qualified professionals that are trusted by your car’s manufacturer. As they work with the dealership, these mechanics will be familiar with your car’s model and make, helping them understand the exact steps that should be taken to get your car back to its peak performance.

  1. Time Saved

The days of searching for a mechanic shop by scrolling through pages of online reviews and calling friends to see who they recommend are over. With a warranty, you simply have to call your local dealer and schedule an appointment. They’ll have you in and out before you can say, “flat tire.”

  1. Parts Specific to Your Car

Not all car parts are made equal. It’s important to put the best of the best in your new treasure, and with a warranty, you can be assured this is what’s happening. Only the parts created for your specific car will be utilized, and they will be installed by knowledgeable professionals. Now, what more could you ask for?

Considering a car warranty and wondering, “What do they cover?” Each car, manufacturer, and dealership has its own unique warranties. In order to learn what is right for you and your new set of wheels, it’s best to talk to your local car dealer.

While nobody wants to use their warranty, it’s nice to have one in case trouble does arise. It’s time to stop stressing about your beautiful new car, and it’s time to start enjoying it!