You’ve heard this all before: Many auto brands promise a technology service suite that can do it all. But Hyundai actually delivers, thanks to Hyundai Blue Link®. A smartphone-connected vehicle system that brings your drive into the 21st century, Hyundai Blue Link® makes your everyday commute safer and more convenient.

Now that you know what it is, let’s see what it can do. Learn more about what this system is capable of below.

12 Cool Things Hyundai Blue Link® Can Do for You

Start your car before you even get in

With just a few taps on your smartphone, Blue Link® enables you to start your ignition, set your temperature, and turn on your defogger or defroster.

Lock and unlock your car from wherever you are

Access to your Hyundai is as simple as entering your pin into your smartphone or smartwatch.

Diagnose vehicle problems on the spot

Blue Link® transmits personalized vehicle health reports right to your wireless device. And even if you don’t currently have an issue, Blue Link® sends updates for service reminders.   

Get you to your destination

Getting to where you want to be is as easy as pressing a button and giving Blue Link® a destination, thanks to navigation by Google™.

Track down your car

Ever wasted precious time looking for your car because you forgot where you parked? With Remote Car Finder, those days are over.

Keep your Hyundai in charge

Do you drive a Hyundai plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle? We’ve got some good news for you. Blue Link® allows you to charge your car remotely and even schedule a specific time.  

Call for help

Enhanced Roadside Assistance — take the guesswork out of calling for help. Blue Link can give your exact location to a roadside assistance member.

Check in on your teen driver

With Geofence, curfew, and speed alerts, you can keep your teen driver safe.

Send an SOS

Blue Link® thinks fast in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If your airbags deploy due to an accident, Automatic Collision Notification intuitively calls for help.

Bring attention to potential danger

An extra layer of safety is never a bad thing. When you sign up for panic notifications, your family and friends will be informed if your panic button has been triggered.

Schedule your next service

Phone calls are great when you have the time, but if you’re on the move, you can still schedule an appointment with Blue Link®.

Find your stolen vehicle

When the unthinkable happens, Blue Link® can assist your local law enforcement and help them locate your Hyundai.

Connect with Hyundai Blue Link® in Wilmington, NC

Looking for a brand that’s fully-loaded with tech amenities? Hyundai Blue Link® comes in a variety of packages.* Browse the new cars for sale at Parkway Hyundai in Wilmington, North Carolina, and find your Blue Link®-equipped car today.   

* Capabilities vary by year and model.