There’s no doubt that Hyundai is going places. One need only consider the launch of the G90 Luxury flagship sedan to understand what’s happening.

Critically the brand is making use of all the technology that has made it successful in the past, but with the added twist of new additions that are bound to appeal to a more discerning audience. This is an innovative and confident car brand that is not afraid to compete with the big names. The newly minted luxury sub-brand is a clear evidence of Hyundai’s ambition. It’s also a decent glimpse into the future of Hyundai’s main lineup.

What will the next generation of Hyundai models look like?

Genesis G90 Design Shows a Broadening Appeal for Hyundai

The G90 is a premium luxury sedan that is meant to penetrate the US market. It’s a refined product that also brings a lot of convenience for people who want to look beyond the traditional luxury car brands. Hyundai knows they can’t expect to compete without stunning visual appeal.

This car is the brainchild of the Prestige Design Division, which was given considerable autonomy to come up with a unique product capable of changing the market. The overhangs are discrete while the rear deck contours speak of refined elegance. The cabin is plush and comfortably without crossing the boundaries of decent decadence. Through the application of modern ergonomics the brand has created an impressive vehicle that is bound to be a winner for a long time.

Its production value is impeccable, too. The use of top grade materials has ensured that the final product matches the hype. With its powerful silhouette, long wheelbase, and prominent hood, this is a car that is here to stay.

Today’s Genesis is Tomorrow’s Hyundai

Design on the G90 is more than skin deep. Every inch of this car has been engineered for satisfaction. Take the Genesis Smart Sense package as an example. This technology suite consists of modern safety technology meant to make life easier for the driver.

The Hyundai design team has incorporated AEB systems as well as pedestrian detection. The smart cruise control is going to be critical in those highway situations. The smart blind spot detection will have traffic officers all over praising the car. For those that are not on a sure-footing there is the lane keep assistance program.

As we’ve written before, the future of Genesis will have a huge impact on the future of Hyundai. Not only technology, but design philosophy will work its way into the next generation of Hyundai models. You can already see this starting to happen in the new Azera that will be available in South Korea.

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