If you think the days of self-driving cars are a distant thought, Hyundai is working hard to make you think again.  The brand’s philosophy drives it to stay ahead of the curve of automotive technology. That’s why Hyundai Motors announced a deal with Cisco Systems that will create Internet-connects cars, eventually bringing them to consumers.

Bluetooth®. Voice activation. Hands-free driving.

There are many ways drivers stay connected to the world around them. For Hyundai, it’s not enough. It aspires to make communication between various systems more effective — thanks to the help of Cisco.

These companies use their distinct skill sets to deliver innovative results for consumers, like you. By focusing on creating high-speed networks that transfer mass amounts of data nearly instantaneously, Hyundai and Cisco remain intent on making driving an easier experience. And that means driving toward better results.

A child runs into the street in front of your car, but the sensor detects him or her; high-speed data will then be able to engage your car’s brakes.

“This initiative will provide users with a hub of knowledge, plus the ability to analyze and utilize all information to enhance owner’s lives,” said representatives at Hyundai.

By creating Internet-connected cars, the two companies expect incredible results. With the goal of integrating apps and services, Hyundai’s objective is to create an intuitive car. Or, as the company describes it, a “computer on wheels.”

  • Diagnose and resolve basic maintenance issues — Check!
  • Receive a better route to avoid traffic and bad road conditions — Check!

By collaborating, Hyundai and Cisco hope to stay ahead of the competition, following similar initiatives by companies like Toyota and General Motors.

Internet Connectivity Is Just the Beginning for Hyundai

Yes, the concept of Internet-connected cars is definitely an incredible advancement for future models. Hyundai, however, already offers remarkable technology as standard equipment in their newest vehicles.

Heard of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Instead of fumbling around on your phone, this new technology allows you to plug either your iPhone or Android into Hyundai’s infotainment system for a safer — and easier — driving experience. You can enjoy larger, more clear versions of your maps, messages, calls, and more.

Hyundai also offers Blue Link® as a technological feature that doubles as a safety system. Blue Link® has collision notification and can send help if you’re ever in an accident. It also gives you the capability to start a car without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Cold nights. Hot days. Say Au Revoir!

So, now it might be time to say hello to the advantage of Hyundai.