Different consumers have different reasons for wanting to purchase a car that uses less gas. Some are concerned with climate change while others simply want to visit the gas pump less often.

Hyundai recognizes the desire for better, more fuel efficient cars and works tirelessly to put them into your hands. Fuel economy is just as important to this brand as how the engine performs. For that reason, Hyundai’s engineers have made advancements like Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology that injects fuel directly into an engine’s combustion chamber. GDI not only improves fuel economy but also reduces carbon emissions.

Though all of our cars take fuel economy into consideration, there are some that stand out among the rest. Read on to learn about Hyundai’s three most fuel efficient cars.

Become a Green Consumer with Hyundai’s Fuel Efficient Vehicles

2017 Ioniq

Coming in the fall of 2016, the new Ioniq electric is Hyundai’s greenest car yet. This car is based on a dedicated vehicle platform designed to enhance efficiency, comfort, and handling. Plus, Hyundai’s Blue Drive® technology allows drivers to produce lower pollution while obtaining higher performance.

Not only is this car green in terms of gas milage, but the materials it’s made of are environmentally conscious as well. Sugar cane makes up about 25 percent of the interior’s trim panels, and volcanic stone is combined with recycled plastic and powdered wood to make some of the interior plastics up to 20 percent lighter.

The Ioniq Hybrid will be released later this year, and the Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is planned for a summer 2017 release. No matter which version you choose, you’ll be making the right choice.

Watch the New York reveal video to learn more about the features that make the Ioniq better.

2016 Sonata Hybrid and Sonata Plug-in Hybrid

The popular Hyundai Sonata is now even more efficient thanks to its Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models.

The Sonata Hybrid is equipped with one of the most efficient batteries on the market today and gets an estimated 44 MPG on the highway. In addition to the excellent battery, the newly designed 2.0L 4-cylinder engine runs on regular gasoline and offers an improved fuel economy due to smooth acceleration and efficient cruise control.

Hyundai’s first plug-in hybrid easily plugs into any regular household electrical outlet. You can also charge on the go by switching to hybrid mode during highway cruising. Using just the electric features, the Hyundai Plug-in Hybrid can take you up to 27 miles, while using both gas and electric in tandem gives you a range of 600 miles.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

This vehicle may be a crossover SUV, but it’s no gas guzzler. When you choose the 1.6 Turbo GDI engine, the Tucson can get up to 32 MPG on the highway while still boasting 175 horsepower.

It’s not just the engine that makes this a fuel efficient SUV. The designers outdid themselves, creating an aerodynamic exterior to further boost the Tucson’s fuel economy.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to purchase a vehicle that uses less gas, Hyundai has the right car for you. Visit your local Hyundai dealership and test drive one of these models to see firsthand how saving fuel doesn’t sacrifice style, power, or versatility.