Spring ushers in new beginnings. With temperatures rising, nature in bloom, and an extra hour of daylight at your disposal, you’re probably going to roll up your sleeves and start spring cleaning soon — if you haven’t already. It’s important that you don’t forget about your Hyundai when you do.

A clean car makes for a happy driving experience for both you and your passengers in Wilmington, North Carolina. Find out how to achieve one below.

5 Areas of Your Car to Clean This Spring — And Tips for Doing It

Windshield and cowl

To wash the memory of a cold and wet winter away, apply windshield cleaner, wipe with a soft microfiber rag, and buff dry with a clean cloth. But the job doesn’t stop at the glass itself. You’ll also want to clean your cowl, which is the area at the base of your windshield. Leftover debris like dead leaves can plug your fresh air intake and leave your cabin smelling unpleasant.

Floorboards and mats

Once you’ve removed all of the stray trash and recyclables from your floorboards, give your mats a little TLC. They’re probably pretty dirty from the winter season, so you’ll need to apply a stain remover and put them in the washing machine. As always, check with the manufacturer first to make sure your mats are washer-safe.


Pollen is already in full force in the Wilmington area, so you don’t need any other airborne allergens to worry about. Eliminate them by giving your air-conditioning vents a good run-over. A foam brush and vacuum to catch any loose particles should do the trick.

Seating surfaces

Vents aren’t the only hot spots for dust and pollen accumulation. There are plenty of crevices in your seat cushions, too. And when you factor in things like food and pet hair, your seats can get dirty fairly quickly. A toothbrush and vacuum are great tools for loosening any debris and making sure that it doesn’t resettle.


Upholsteries can be tricky to clean since they vary in material from car to car. Remember that toothbrush you used to scrub your seats? You can use it on your upholstery, too — if it’s vinyl. If your upholstery is leather, you’ll want to use a material-specific cleaner to reduce scratching.

Enjoy a Fresh Start in Wilmington, NC

Need some help with your spring cleaning? Parkway Hyundai has got you covered. Our Service Center can check your tire pressure, change your cabin’s air filters, and much more. Schedule an appointment today at our Hyundai dealership in Wilmington, North Carolina.