How’s your new Hyundai treating you? Is everything running ok? Does it still drive like it did that first day you had it? Good, good.

It might still feel like something is missing, though. Something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Here, let us point you in the right direction with these recommendations for official Hyundai accessories.

Get What You Need to Create the Hyundai You Want

Roof Cross Bar Set

Compatible Models: Tucson, Santa Fe Sport, Santa Fe

The Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai Santa Fe are two of the most popular crossovers for sale right now. If you’re driving either right now, you have to love the flexible space that’s perfect for passengers or cargo. But what if you need to carry passengers and cargo?

That’s where this handy roof rack comes in. Transform the top of your car into a sturdy platform for whatever won’t fit, be it bikes, camping equipment, or skis.

Cargo Organizer

Compatible Models: Accent, Elantra, and Sonata

Hyundai offers a full range of sedans, from subcompact all the way up to the fullsize Genesis. The whole line is efficient with space, innovative with technology, and satisfying in performance. You might wish you could do more with the trunk, though.

With this soft-sided, pop-up organizer, you’ll never have to worry about your groceries tumbling around your trunk again. You’ll be able to easily sort the emergency supplies you keep tucked away, or give everyone in your carpool a place to put their sports gear. This is a versatile solution to your organization needs, and the best part is it works in just about any trunk, even beyond the models listed above.

If you prefer another solution, Hyundai also offers cargo hooks or a cargo net.

LED Interior Lighting

Compatible Models: Sonata, Tucson

Hyundai has made a name for itself by building quality cars with a premium disposition. You can take your new Sonata or Tucson to another level when you install this LED interior lighting system.

Bathe the interior in a cool blue aura with these lights installed under the glove box and steering wheel. This accessory will help you set the mood and give your car an upscale feeling.

You can also go one step further with illuminated scuff plates for the door sills.

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