Though oil changes take time and can seem like an inconvenience, they provide immeasurable benefits for your car and wallet. Regular oil changes will improve performance of your engine, increase your gas mileage efficiency, lengthen the life of your car engine, and provide an opportunity for a check-in on the rest of your car. Stay proactive about vehicle tune-ups and equipment maintenance to enjoy the long, efficient life of a well-cared for vehicle. Click here to learn more. 

You know that regularly scheduled maintenance can keep your car equipment running longer, and that routine oil changes are a part of being a responsible car owner. However, oil changes feel like an inconvenience, and your list of chores is long enough that you’re more than willing to cut frequency where you can.

So, is car maintenance an area where you can slack? Here’s a tip: keep putting oil changes on the list. Your car and your wallet will thank you.

Regular Oil Changes: The Benefits

A cleaner engine is a happier engine, and oil changes are a key player in keeping your car engine happy. Replacing the oil in your car engine helps clean the dirt and dust that build up between oil changes, meaning your engine can work more easily without the friction from added materials.

In addition to more engine functionality, oil changes can lengthen the life of your car engine. Regular maintenance rids the engine of carbon buildup and other debris, boosting equipment performance and protecting your car from premature an engine breakdown due to neglect.

So what’s the big deal about engine functionality? More function means more miles per gallon. Yes, a regular oil change can actually improve the gas mileage in your car. When your equipment is clean and ready to roll, it uses less fuel to do its job, so you get more miles per gallon and more bang for your buck.

While we’re talking gas mileage, let’s talk environmental effects. Routine oil changes keep oil fresh and more likely to burn, lessening the chances of noxious emissions. You can go green in a hurry just by following the recommendations for routine vehicle tune-ups.

In addition to improving overall functionality and efficiency of your engine and equipment, a regular oil change serves as a routine tune-up for the rest of your car, as well. Other services you can opt into during your oil change include tire rotation, windshield wiper fluid refill, exterior light checks and more. Most car service facilities will be happy to take a look at other parts of your vehicle during an oil change and make recommendations for proactive maintenance.

Oil change recommendations can be a burden and car care may seem like an easy chore to skip, but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. Keep routine oil changes on your calendar and enjoy the advantages of a well-cared for vehicle for many years to come.