As a car owner, there is much you can do to improve the performance and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Most important of all is attending to preventative maintenance. By staying on top of your oil and filter changes, getting your tires rotated regularly, and having routine inspections at a service center, you can truly maximize the value of your vehicle.

5 Reasons to Prioritize Car Maintenance

There are several specific benefits of having your car serviced with regularity.

Regular maintenance saves you money

Think of preventative maintenance as an investment. You have to pay a little on the front end, but it can save you from paying a lot more down the road. For example, the cost of a regular tire rotation is much less than the cost of having to purchase new tires prematurely.

Car maintenance can save you time, as well

Taking your car to the service center for an oil change typically doesn’t take very long. By contrast, if you lapse in your preventative maintenance, it could lead to significant engine problems—and repairing them could mean having your car in the shop for several hours or even multiple days.

Preventative maintenance keeps everybody safe

Simply put, you don’t want your engine to give out on you when you’re driving down a busy freeway. Nor do you want to discover with alarm that your brakes are nonresponsive. By taking your car to our service center in Wilmington, North Carolina, you can eliminate these dangerous surprises.

Maintenance is good for performance

When you have your car taken care of, you ensure that it runs the way it’s supposed to. Among other things, this means getting optimal gas mileage.

Car maintenance enhances value

Eventually, you may want to resell or trade in your car. A vehicle that’s clearly been taken care of is going to command a higher price than one that’s barely hanging together.

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